Baida Pack Commitments

Upon its establishment in 1997, Baida Pack sought to embody specific attributes that helped it become a more environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and corporately ethical governing actor. By taking regard to the United Nations “Sustainable Development Goals” set up in 2015. Environmental Sustainability

  • Baida Pack is committed to upholding adequate Environmental Management Systems through ISO Standardization 14001:2015.
  • Baida Pack is committed to placing an appropriate Waste Allocation System for (Recycling “Carton, Paper, Ink Tin Cans and Aluminium Plates”, Wooden Pallets are reused and/or purchased recycled, Water Base Varnishes and adhesives are safely biodegradable, Ink waste is allocated and disposed safely externally)
  • Water Efficiency ( All Faucets, sinks and water paths are equipped with water-saving properties)
  • Energy Efficiency (Planted Solar panels on the factory grounds, All Ambient Lightings are energy Saving, Baida Pack recently joined an initiative called ( Al Shams Al Mutajadedeh) for deliver renewable energy to 82 factories (Covering all Baida Pack’s Electric expenses by 2025).
  • Air Condition System is all equipped with inverters.
  • Established base for decreasing (Water and Carbon Footprint) under ISO 14090:2019 “Under Process.”
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Equal pay, opportunity and growth among the sexes
  • Disability Accessibility ( Product; Universal Braille Language and Workspace; Allocated bathrooms and Pathways)
  • Product Responsibility (Child Lock and Security Printing)
  • Customer Responsibility (Ethical Agreements)
  • Health and Safety measures within the working environment. In the process of achieving ISO 45001:2018.
  • Donations and Charitable work (Orphanages, Deaf and Mute individuals, Mentally and Physically Impaired)
  • Religious and Cultural Freedoms (Allocated Prayer rooms)
Ethical Governance
  • Quality within Baida Pack’s hierarchy structure, work environment/nature, management, production, services and delivery. ( Standardized under ISO 9001:2015)
  • No fierce and overarching competition against SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises)
  • Zero tolerance for Corruption, Bribes and unlawful Nepotism.